Make every meeting matter.

NextGen Framework

Check the Agenda

Before a meeting, use Button to review agenda items in your team Slack channel. Colleagues can quickly weigh in using reply buttons.

Great for Groups

Sort by Priority

Then, with responses gathered, agenda items can be sorted by what needs to be discussed. Use the meeting to explore different views where there isn't a consensus. Items where the team already agrees may not need to be covered at all.

NextGen Framework

Keep a Record

Button keeps a record of who said what in the channel to save time and build transparency. Decisions can also be kept private by sending Button a direct message.

Install Button

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Built for Chat

Button was built for Slack so that you can tweak your teams workflow without leaving the place you do your work.

Natural Language

Button uses natural language so you can spend less time worrying about syntax and more time optimising workflow.

AI Powered

Button uses Artificial Intelligence to turn text into clickable reply options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started using Button?

Our help centre is full of guides, examples and screenshots. To learn how to create your first question using Button read this article.

I feel like expressing myself with custom reply buttons!

That's easy - just provide the text of each button in a comma series after the question. See a few more examples here:

So, sometimes I change my mind. That's cool right?

If the question is presented in a channel - you can! Buttons in a channel stay visible for ever. Or at least a long time. Buttons sent using direct message, however, are a one time thing.

How can I keep a decision private?

Private decisions are sent via direct message. To keep things out of a channel just text Button using a direct message . You're question will work like a BCC email.

How will I know who said what?

For group decisions, Button will group team member handles by their response. This makes it easy to understand where people weigh in.

Can I automate buttons with Slackbot?

We'd looooove this to happen but it won't work right now. We're sure Button and Slackbot will get along just great after they get to know each other.

Can I preview what the question will look like before I send it?

Sure, to look preview a question just use your own username in the message to Button. You'll see the question and clickable responses just as any recipient would.

I'd like to provide some feedback.

Send through feature requests or suggestions on where I can improve with /a ticket/ or by starting your comment with 'feedback' - for example: "feedback I'd love it if button told me the answers to the questions as well! 😉"